Course Spotlight: Gender Communications

William Woods Undergraduate

What is gender? How is gender expressed in verbal/nonverbal communication? How does parenting and culture shape gender during early childhood?

As part of a bachelor’s in communication, students at William Woods University can take COM213 Gender Communications, taught by Dr. Aimee Sapp, to answer questions such as these, and take a closer look into the ways in which gender is viewed and communicated.

Whether Gender Communications is a required part of your curriculum or not, you will not be disappointed with the takeaway. In fact, it is the class that Dr. Sapp most frequently hears back from alumni about.

“Every month I receive emails and text messages from graduates who are now in the workforce and raising families. They are still paying attention to these lessons,” Dr. Sapp explained, “They send me media reports and stories on things they encounter that are examples from this class; frequently a class they took five or 10 years ago.”

Some aspects of the course that students tend to find most interesting are: what gender is and how it develops, the study of how gender impacts romantic relationships and friendships, and the impact the media has on gender.

The overarching message of the course, Dr. Sapp explained, is that “gender is fluid. It exists on a continuum, not in black and white categories. And wherever you are on that continuum is right where you are supposed to be at that point in your life.”

She added, “That position will undoubtedly impact many aspects of your life, however, knowledge of that gives students the power of understanding and that in and of itself can make a difference.”

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