What you can do, and earn, with a management information systems degree

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management information systems degree

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment of computer and information technology professionals is projected to grow 13 percent by the year 2026, a faster than average rate. Students earning a degree in management information systems will be well trained to pursue many of those opportunities.

Below, we’ve put together a few job titles MIS students can pursue upon graduation along with corresponding data on job growth and pay.

Computer and Information Systems Manager
2016 Median Pay: $135,800 per year
Job Outlook, 2016-26: 12% (faster than average)

As a computer and information system manager, you’ll likely work within a company’s information technology (IT) department where you’ll help manage all computer-related activities. IT managers help implement and maintain an organization’s computer system including infrastructure, networks, and software. Doing so may involve developing standards and procedures, monitoring compliance and security, etc.

Computer Systems Analysts
2016 Median Pay: $87,220 per year
Job Outlook, 2016-26: 9% (as fast as average)

Computer systems analysts combine their knowledge of information technology and business to help an organization run more efficiently. They analyze computer systems to identify possible improvements or upgrades, or implement new systems that meet an organization’s needs. In doing so, they may oversee system installation and ensure that new systems work as intended. At William Woods, MIS students take a course in Systems Analysis where they cover topics such as data definition, flow charting and data flows.

Database Administrator
2016 Median Pay: $84,950 per year
Job Outlook, 2016-26: 11% (faster than average)

Another course that William Woods MIS students take is Database Management Systems. This course will help prepare you for the role of a database administrator. According to BLS, database administrators leverage “specialized software to store and organize data, such as financial information and customer shipping records.” On a day-to-day basis, their duties may include backing up or restoring data, ensuring that data is safe and protected, or merging old databases with new ones.

Information Security Analyst
2016 Median Pay: $92,600 per year
Job Outlook, 2016-26: 28% (as fast as average)

As cyber security becomes an increasingly growing threat, information security analysts work to protect an organization’s computer networks, systems and information from cyberattacks. Information security analysts generally work for computer companies, consulting firms or the financial sector.

Web Developer
2016 Median Pay: $66,130 per year
Job Outlook, 2016-26: 13% (faster than average)

Web Developers work on designing and developing websites. They write code using programming languages and ensure that the site looks and works as intended. According to BLS, they are also responsible for maintaining the site’s technical aspects, such as performance and capacity. At William Woods, MIS students take a course in Website Development where they learn the basics of HTML, CSS, website portals, content management systems, web hosting and domain name construction.

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