William Woods Poised to Feed the Talent Needs of Missouri’s Fast Growing Tech Hubs

William Woods Undergraduate

Missouri’s Fast Growing Tech Hubs

Located within two hours of Fulton, St. Louis and Kansas City are routinely ranked as two of the nation’s leading tech cities.

In 2016, Business Insider ranked them “number 1 and number 10 cities, respectively, in the U.S. for fastest-growing startup scene in the tech sector”. Uncubed ranked St. Louis as one of the thirteen fastest tech hubs in the US. CBS Newswatch ranked Kansas City as one of America’s top 10 fastest tech cities citing presence of Sprint, Garmin, Cerner, Bushnell and HNTB. In Forbes 2018 list of cities creating the highest white-collar service jobs, Kansas City ranked third, with 57% growth in corporate and enterprise management since 2010.

Both these cities are guided by the advice of urbanists Richard Florida and Joel Kotkin. Florida, a researcher and author posits that talent gravitates towards inclusive, hip and affordable city-centers, where the critical mass, in turn, fosters entrepreneurship and startup culture. Kotkin, also an urbanist, is optimistic about the future of suburbs.

William Woods University’s B.S. in Management Information Systems degree has become a training ground and talent feeder for some of the technology leaders at the nearby tech hubs. The curriculum includes the coveted combination of business, communications and technology skills. The graduates have been placed in blue chip companies such as IBM, Sprint, Cerner, and niche market leaders such as hudl and Fleishman Hillard.

Learn more about William Woods University B.S. in Management of Information Systems. To feed the expanding demand in the related field of Cyber Security, William Woods is also launching a new Online B.S. in Cybersecurity in Fall 2018.

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